Red Cross was introduced as a major contribution towards the peace after the World War I by an international commission at the 14th international conference of the Red Cross. The principle of the Red Cross truce was then approved on the 15th international conference at Tokyo in the year 1934. It was then applicable all across the world in different regions. After two years the proposal of celebrating this day annually was on 8th May. Later, it was officially named as the “World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day” in the year 1984. It is celebrated on 8th May to honor and commemorate the birthday of the Henry Dunant who was the founder of Red Cross and also the founder of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
This day is celebrated by lots of people in the world who play an important role in saving lives and by helping the people who come from vulnerable areas. More than 95 million volunteers of the red cross and red crescent societies are honored on the red cross day. It is a tribute to all the volunteers for their priceless contribution for helping the people who are in need, by enhancing their dignity, protecting their life from emergencies and lots of natural disasters which includes epidemic diseases, flood, and earthquakes. The red cross and red crescent societies serve 170 countries and approximately 240 million people have got an advantage of the red cross assistance.
In India, on this day many seminars are organized by members in states like Kolkata, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar etc. Many state governors and state ministers throughout the countries attend the programme. The celebration of the event is published on Television, Radios, news channels, social media etc. to spread awareness of the services provided by Red Cross and how they reach for help.
Some of the societies celebrate this day by organizing anemia and blood donation awareness programme also blood donation camps and other health checkup camps are organized in local places for the easy reach of the poor people. Youths from the local communities are inspired to participate in such activities in order to protect humans and animals from disasters.

Doctors and nurses are provided for the army when they are injured in any war. The Red Cross team helps to find missing people in the war. They also provide treatment to the prisoners during the war activities. The Red Cross volunteers make sure that every facility and services are provided in various places for the people who are injured.