We at Nulta thank all the doctors for providing effective advice to all the patients and answering their questions. With your instant medical supervision through our app, it has helped the patients with their queries. It has especially helped the patients who avoid or cannot travel far to clinics. Without your help doctors, this would not have been possible. On the doctors day, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the support.

National Doctors Day

The first doctors day was observed on 30th March 1933 in Winder, Georgia, United States. However, the National Doctors day in India is celebrated on 1st July every year. The date varies from nation to nation. In some nations, the day is marked as a holiday.

Bidhan Chandra Roy Source: Wikipedia

Doctor’s Day was established by the Government of India in 1991. To pay a tribute, this day is celebrated on 1st of July as it is the birth and death anniversary of the famous physician of India Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was the one who started the Indian Medical Association in the year 1928. He was also a second chief minister of West Bengal. The nation honored Dr. Roy with Bharat Ratna on 6th February 1961. After a life of committed service, Dr. Roy passed away on 1st July 1962. A red carnation was chosen as the official symbol of Doctors Day. The flower denotes love, charity, sacrifice, bravery and courage of all the synonyms with the medical profession. These flowers are placed on the graves of all the deceased doctors to commemorate the day.

A red carnation was chosen as the official symbol of Doctors Day

All the doctors owe a challenge that even a minor mistake could drastically affect a patient’s life. Maximum population in India depends on doctors for their illness, out of which some are happy with the quality and remarkable progress in the cure and treatments. Whereas some common and poor people get misguided who land up in wrong hands who are irresponsible and unprofessional doctors. These are the people who become the reason for public violence and protests against those doctors. The national doctors day is a way to encourage all the physicians and doctors of India to wake up from their failing career due to lack of commitment towards their profession. This awareness helps to bring the doctors on track to know their responsibility towards the life saving medical profession.

On the national doctors day, all the doctors are thanked for their wonderful services provided to mankind. This celebration helps the common people to know about the roles and importance of the doctors in their daily life. Consultation workshops, general screening test camps. free medical checkup camps are organized on this day across the country. Various activities are organized in the schools and colleges to encourage the youth in the medical profession. Patients greet their doctors by distributing greeting cards, gifts, etc.

Doctors are treated as equal to God. The role of the doctor is to save the life of a diseased person. That is why all people treat medical doctors as God. A person who suffers from a disease or pain first looks up for a doctor. They blindly trust the doctors knowing that they can relieve them from all pain and miseries instantly. Hence we need to honor all the doctors on the National Doctors day who have some way or the other saved us from illness.