As the tag line suggests our vision is that: across the world, “Life उल्टा? MESSAGE nULTA“.

nULTA simply means not ULTA.

For a better tomorrow our health is important. In today’s busy world an easy way to a connect to a doctor is helpful. That easy way has proven to be the hugely popular nULTA chat app.

The nULTA app allows you to ask questions as soon as they arise without leaving your home. It allows you to stop worrying, ask a question, pay a small fee and feel better. So for the sake of you and your family, every time you worry, just pick up your phone and type a question for a real doctor to answer.

nULTA is a healthcare app that connects you to a real doctor via your smartphone. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s is for using today.

So, try nULTA now.



Life उल्टा? MESSAGE nULTA