About nUlta
Life उल्टा? Message nULTA

“Life उल्टा? MESSAGE nULTA”. nULTA or nउल्टा simply means Not ULTA!

 For a better tomorrow our health is important. In today’s busy world an easy way to a connect to a doctor is helpful. The nULTA App allows you to ask questions as soon as they arise without leaving your home. It allows you to stop worrying, ask a question, pay a small fee and feel better. So for the sake of you and your family, every time you worry, just pick up your phone and type a question for a real doctor to answer. nULTA is a healthcare app that connects you to a real doctor via your smartphone. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s simple.

So, try nULTA now.

Life उल्टा? MESSAGE nULTA

Meet the Team

Roy deSouza
Roy deSouzaFounder
Roy de Souza is a serial entrepreneur having started and run successful businesses in online advertising, e-commerce and mobile healthcare. He is now working on curing colon cancer. Roy has used his experience in cloud based worldwide scalable technology in the new field of personalized medicine. He is also the founder of ZEDO, ZINC and nULTA. He previously worked as a strategy consultant in the UK at COBA, ICI and at Zip2, Elon Musk’s first company. Roy graduated with an Masters in Engineering and Economics from Oxford and an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management.
Elvis Fernandes
Elvis FernandesCEO
Elvis has been a technology expert for over 2 decades. He has been working with the gaming industry almost since its inception in India. He has led Research and Development in Reliance Games and handled production in many more, GSN and RockYou to name a few. Before joining the gaming industry, he was instrumental in developing apps for the Windows CE and PalmOS for the Health space. He currently contributes to the game industry in India and also uses his expertise to create impactful solutions in the e-Health industry. nULTA has helped affordable healthcare reach the masses by helping everyone chat with Doctors or Counselors. Elvis continues to build nULTA by elevating this vision and helping nULTA reach millions in India.
Dr. Amol Tayade
Dr. Amol TayadeMBBS, Medical Advisor to nULTA
Dr. Amol is an empathetic personality. This is why he aptly chose Psychiatry as his speciality subject and then joined KEM hospital for further studies after completing MBBS from a government medical college. This quality of understanding people is a prime reason for him being popular amongst his patients and Clients. He excels in the field of public speaking and works extensively in learning and performance enhancement for students as well as for professionals. He has a keen sense of mental health issues in the community and wishes to make mental health accessible to all and is working with nULTA and taking the mission forward with it. He is highly experienced in the field of E-Pharmacy also. One of the pioneering concepts he is currently working on is ‘Thought-less contemplation’