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How do I change my number2019-11-05T16:45:22+05:30

Please refer to the steps below

  1. Click the Docs button on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select MY PROFILE from the top right.
  3. You profile opens up, select CHANGE NUMBER now.
  4. Enter your Old Phone number and your New Phone number in the locations provided, do not forget to select country next to each number.
  5. Click Submit
  6. We recommend terminating the app and starting again after this step
What is the nULTA App2018-11-26T17:57:22+05:30

Do you have stress, work pressure, relationship problems, then you talk to qualified counselors from iCALL.
If you have any medical questions then you ask questions to experienced doctors.
Do you have pets and are worried about their diet, nutrition and behaviour, talk to our specialists.
The nULTA App brings all these professionals to you under one platform. Download now and begin chatting with them.

What is iCALL?2018-11-26T17:06:02+05:30

iCALL is a non-profit organisation run by TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) the premier educational institute in India. For counselling, relationship advice and help with things worrying you; a fully qualified and trained counsellor from iCALL will answer you.

Why do you require my phone number/personal details?2018-11-26T17:23:31+05:30

We only need your name and mobile number, to get you registered with the nULTA app. You will also get notified through SMS when the doctor responds to your query.

How can I use the nULTA App?2018-11-26T17:58:16+05:30

It’s pretty simple as following these 3 Steps

  1. Download and install our app from http://onelink.to/nulta
  2. Enter your phone number while registering
  3. Ask questions from expert
Is nULTA app safe?2018-11-26T17:22:32+05:30

Absolutely. Your information is personal and is safe to share with nULTA as we take care of your privacy very seriously. When you use our services, it is our duty to protect it with a comprehensive security infrastructure and stringent data policies. Your interactions with counsellors and doctors on nULTA are safe, private, and secure.

What is the duration of a consultation?2019-12-19T11:46:51+05:30

The duration of one consultation is for . The consultation will be closed once it crosses .

How much does it cost per chat?2019-06-13T14:24:13+05:30

It’s free to sign up and create an account on nULTA. There is only a small consultation fee of Rs.149/- when you ask questions to a counsellor or any professionals.

Can I use nULTA in an emergency?2018-11-26T17:15:42+05:30

No, nULTA is designed to handle non-emergency medical issues. This app is only for the problems that can be solved by the general doctor. In case of a medical life-threatening emergency, it is always recommended to rush to the hospital or call an ambulance.

Can doctors prescribe medication on nULTA app?2018-11-26T17:10:10+05:30

Doctors provide medication based on the patient’s query and the type of sickness.

What is the mode of payment?2018-11-26T17:14:34+05:30


What happens if the Counselor/Doctor does not reply?2018-11-26T17:18:17+05:30

Your question stays with nULTA for 72 hours. If within this period no one answers your question, your chat will be refunded.

What if the connection is lost during a consultation?2018-11-26T17:20:17+05:30

In a rare case, if the connection is lost and you lose a chat please get back to us at support@nulta.net

How can I get a refund?2018-11-26T17:21:10+05:30

In case your question is unanswered for 72 hours, your chat will be refunded. For any other difficulties please get in touch with us at support@nulta.net

Can my medical history be seen by all other doctors?2018-11-26T17:16:55+05:30

No. A doctor will only see your medical history when you select to consult with him/her.

How can I provide feedback or contact nULTA?2018-11-26T17:13:49+05:30

We care for your feedback. Get in touch with us by emailing at support@nulta.net

What is this app for?2016-08-29T09:56:52+05:30

This app allows your patients to ask you questions. You can reply to their questions via chat just like WhatsApp or sms

Why is nULTA better than WhatsApp?2018-01-11T01:34:27+05:30
  • WhatsApp mixes personal/family messages with patient messages. nULTA is only for patient messages.
  • Because it has fewer messages you can more easily scan it.
  • Because it isn’t personal, you can also let a junior doctor check for messages and tell you when there is a new question.
Why do I need to add patients to My Patients list or “Allow People to contact me”?2016-03-22T13:09:19+05:30
  • A new phone is useful only after you save numbers in it. Similarly nULTA is very useful after you allow people to contact you by adding their mobile numbers to “My Patients” list.
  • Once the numbers are added, it’s a fantastic tool.

Unlike WhatsApp we don’t make it easy for anyone to add you. So you need to add them.

How do I add patients to My Patients list?2018-01-11T01:34:27+05:30

Easy ways to add numbers are:

  1. Import them from your saved phone numbers- button on top right of Add Patients page
  2. Ask your receptionist to get cell numbers from each patient who comes in and typ it into nULTA
  3. Ask a friendly Medical Rep to help you collect
  4. If you have a list of patients in excel/csv/database format email them to addpatient@nulta.net
  5. Message or tell patient to add you. You will need to tell them the last 4 digits of your cell number so that they can add you
Is nULTA free for doctors to download and use?2016-03-22T13:15:38+05:30

Yes. We never charge doctors anything.

Is nULTA free for patients?2019-03-06T15:51:24+05:30

They are charged Rs.149/- per chat session.

Does nULTA help me get more patients to come to visit me?2016-03-22T13:20:49+05:30

Yes. Many doctors answer a few basic questions then ask patients to come to see them.

Will I earn a lot of money from chatting to my patients on nULTA?2016-03-22T13:22:54+05:30
  • You will earn most money by responding to your patients questions. You can easily ask them to come and see you or to get a test or visit a specialist. Therefore responding to patients earns you most money. (NULTA does not get involved in your referral relationships).
  • NULTA is a free chat tool to help you maintain those relationships.
When will I get paid?2016-03-22T13:29:21+05:30

You will get paid at the end of every month. Soon we will pay via mobile wallets – instantly when the chat starts.

How do I get patients to stop messaging me on WhatsApp?2016-03-22T13:30:23+05:30
  1. Tell them: Some doctors tell every patient that visits them
  2. My Patient List: Add patients to your My Patient list. This is a list of people who you allow to contact you on nULTA. NULTA will message them to ask them to use nULTA not WhatsApp
  3. On Prescription pads: NULTA will send you a rubber stamp. You can stamp your prescription pads with “Ask any questions on nULTA not WhatsApp. Download nULTA from Google Play or App Store”
  4. Poster: NULTA will send you a poster to display in your office
  5. WhatsApp Status: Some doctors change their status to say “Pls use nULTA instead of WhatsApp for medical queries”
How long is a chat?2016-03-22T13:31:47+05:30

Usually the patient will send you a question when you are busy. You respond much later. Most chats last a few minutes from when you respond. The max time allowed from your second response is 30 minutes.

Is my cell phone number revealed to patients?2016-03-22T13:35:06+05:30

Please do not worry, we never reveal your phone number to patients. So they can’t call you.

How much do I have to pay?2016-03-22T13:36:08+05:30

Nothing, we do not charge doctors anything. They even earn a little.

From where do I download the app?2016-09-06T07:47:07+05:30

From Google Play store. (iOS version coming soon).