nUlta For Doctors
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Every time health उल्टा, chat to doc on nULTADoctors receive many friend messages, family messages, videos, jokes and also patient questions all mixed up inside WhatsApp. Mixing in patient questions is annoying for doctors – as they are too busy to scroll through WhatsApp all day.

Now with the award winning “nULTA for Doctors” app, doctors can have an app similar to WhatsApp – but built only for doctors to talk to their patients. It is one place to see all your patients messages in a clean professional environment. Patient names are recognised and medical history is built up and stored per patient. The app will also allow doctors to do sms marketing to their patients.

Chat is the most popular technology in the world today – bigger than TV. Patients worldwide love chat and use it all day long. Technologically advanced doctors now make themselves available on chat (in a controlled way), both to win new patients and to secure the loyalty of existing patients.

Doctors usually start using nULTA to reply to routine and follow up questions. They also use it to refer patients to specialists or to ask them to do diagnostic tests. This saves time and earns more money.

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