Depression is likely to affect more in women compared to men. Symptoms in children and teenagers are same as adults. The depressed person feels lonely, sad, distress, tired and angry which becomes difficult to manage their day to day life. It affects how the person thinks and behaves and can lead to emotional and physical problems. 
Few common depression triggers are trauma, grief, financial problems, relationship problems and unemployment. There is no test to diagnose depression, however doctors may ask questions on several family health history, mood, day to day behavior and thoughts of suicide. There are different health treatments and professionals services available to help with depression which involves psychotherapy, medications, or a combination of the two.
Overcome depression by getting into positive talks. The best way to overcome depression is reaching out to close friends and others who can understand your problem. Every problem has a solution. Always try to help people who are depressed by making them feel good, try to be a good listener by showing love and care. Remember, depression is serious but it can be cured.

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