First time dog owner who has just gotten a furry bundle of joy home? Or experienced dog owner who has had Labradors all her life and is currently dealing with a Beagle? I get contacted by a wide variety of dog owners for help in dealing with a training or behaviour issue.

In many cases whether its toilet training, health or nutrition advice, or dealing with a temperamental pet, owners have tried to follow advice from well meaning friends, other dog owners or the internet. By the time they have reached me, they are frustrated and stressed out and the dogs problem may even have become worse. It is in your and your dogs best interests to seek advice from a qualified professional. There are best practices for even toilet training your dog. I recently did two consults to help people with toilet training issues for a Beagle and an Indian Dog. I asked the beagles family to consult a vet, because he was urinating more than usual. Their beagle was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection. Consulting a professional prevented a serious infection as well as sorted out their pee problem!

The second family had adopted a lovely, smart puppy who wasn’t following a toilet training program. It turned out that the puppy was too scared of the sounds and sights on the busy road and so unable to relieve herself! So, we drew up a program to help build her confidence and decrease her fear of different sights and sounds. Not only did it help with toilet training, but it saved the puppy from a lifetime of anxiety.

Even if you’re in a town or location where you cannot access a trainer, behaviourist or veterinarian, help is at hand with the nULTA app. Sometimes, nipping a problem in the bud is the most hassle free option!

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7 Easy steps to ask questions about your pet worries

7 Easy steps to ask questions about your pet worries

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