The year 2017 has brought massive change in the medical history. Every year medical technology and treatments are becoming better and a little more advanced, which brings hope for those suffering from various health problems.
Presenting the top achievements of 2017.

1) Immunotherapies for Cancer treatment

There are different ways to treat cancer out of which Immunotherapy is used to treat people with many types of cancer. The T-Cells which are present in human body works as therapeutics to re-engage the immune system. It has the potential to change the way cancer is treated.
This treatment helps to boost the T-cells to fight cancer.

2) Stem cells help to fight arthritis.

Stem cells are the foundation for every organ and tissue in the body. These cells are usually collected from the patient’s fat tissue, blood, or bone marrow. With the help of gene editing researchers are rewiring the stem cells to fight Arthritis. These stem cells are called SMART Cells(Stem Cell Modified for Autonomous Regenerative Therapy). Already tested on mice, this has proven a good level of success.

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3) Heart Failure Treatment

A Ventricular assist device is developed by the researchers in Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital. It is a soft sleeve like robotic device that fits around the heart. It has similar material properties to native heart tissue and provides ventricular assistance.
This device takes blood from the lower chamber of the heart and pumps it to the body and vital organs, just as a healthy heart does. Artificial silicone muscles compress and twist just like a normal human heart. The robotic sleeve powers these muscles using compressed air, which keeps the blood flowing through the body.
Successful test were done on 6 pigs with cardiac arrest, the research now is in early stage but in future will be done on human hearts.

4) Diabetes drug for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a progressive disease that destroys the memory and mental functions. It is the common cause of dementia. Research was done on rats after which it was found that they had an increased ability to learn and retain memories.
This drug was developed to treat Type 2 diabetes and can now also be used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

5) Mixed Reality for surgeries and more

Mixed Reality can provide a 3D image of the insides of the human body. Surgeons would have to wear a pair of special glasses or a special headset which then renders the 3D image in the real world while they interact with it.


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