How well do you know about your teeth?

As we care about our health, we consider body hygiene, healthy food, good dressing etc. But we always forget one thing to take care off and that is highly important which needs repair, treatment, and prevention when it is damaged.
Yes. I am talking about TEETH. Teeth are made of enamel which is a hard substance like a diamond. They play an important role in our health. Whenever we eat something we need teeth. We have 32 teeth when we are an adult. We had 20 teeth when we were children under 13. And when we are growing up in teenage we have 28 teeth. 

Did you know?

Teeth can’t regenerate themselves. Once they are hurt they need repair. What, if in early age you lose a tooth or two from the front? You will not be comfortable. Am I right?
Teeth make our face in a shape which gives us identity, which makes us different than others, gives beauty, prominent and sharp looks. We should take care of them.

What if your teeth pain?

As we do not take care of our teeth we end up hurting them. We let the bacteria attack our teeth. The pain is always tremendous. Studies say tooth pain is the most uncomfortable and unbearable pain after labor pain.
Most of the times when a tooth aches we intake herbals, or home remedies and assume the pain is gone. That is not the actual remedy
Here, I will tell you something you must prevent your teeth from.
Dental caries are called cavities generally. We tell children not to eat anything sweet because of the fear of cavity. But is this only for children? What about adults?
Dental caries occurs when the hygiene of tooth is not maintained and there are food particles in the mouth between teeth. It seems gross but it is the main cause of the cavity in most of the people. When the bacteria attacks on tooth due to bad hygiene and more sugar or carbohydrates consumption we see in few months the teeth becomes rough from one side, a black color or brownish color rough surface start to occur. This is the time when we have to get worried. Yes. It is dental caries. This is the time you need a dentist to stop it. If this is not treated on time then it will increase and start spreading. It will make it brittle and discolored, sometimes tooth starts decaying in the early stage.

All you need is to get it treated.

At an early stage of Dental Caries, it can be prevented at low cost with minimum damage. But if you feel pain with caries and can not bite from tooth anymore due to pain then your tooth will need more attention, either you will get it treated with Root Canal Treatment or the option comes to remove the tooth and place a new one. Now, from here people mostly opt for removing tooth but not to replace it. And when they are given with option of root canal treatment they refuse due to lack of awareness and knowledge for oral hygiene.
I want all readers to just take look at your Oral Health and give attention to teeth. If you really care then there is still time to get your smile back. Just visit your dentist and get the consultation about your Oral Hygiene. Proper knowledge and proper advice help to save our precious teeth.