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Dr. Deepak Arora
Dr. Deepak Arora
He is Punjab’s first clinical sexologist who has been certified by U.S. American Board of Sexology, USA. He has made it his mission to help men and women in India and around the world to overcome their sexual problems.



  • Visionary Sexologist Deepak Arora is the founder of Dr. Aroras’s Clinic.
  • He is Punjab’s first clinical sexologist who has been certified by American Board of Sexology, USA.
  • He has been awarded special distinction as ‘Sexologist’ from American College of Sexologists, USA.
  • He is also the first sexologist in India who has completed his study on Sex Therapy and Sexual Education from the University of Michigan, USA.
  • He has been helping men in India and abroad overcome their sexual health and intimacy issues since 2000.
  • Sexologist Deepak Arora’s mission is to provide holistic customized solutions to his patients by having a 100 percent patient centric approach instead of just a disease-centric approach.
  • This he has achieved not only by the treatments (which include cutting edge technologies like RigiScan and shockwave therapy) but also by guided self-help interventions.
  • This unique approach along with his calm demeanour and compassion for his patients makes him truly stand out in the field of sexual health.
  • His clinics in New Delhi and Chandigarh are state of the art world class facilities and are staffed with highly qualified and trained medical professionals, counsellors and nutritionists.
  • Along with the clinics he is also the founder India’s No.1 online sexual health consultation which is available on his website www.draroras.com, which caters to patients all over India and the rest of the world, making his reach truly global.
  • The informational videos on his Youtube channel have almost 16 million views and over 1,56,000 subscribers, his Facebook fanpage has over 84000 likes.
  • These numbers are testament to the high quality of content that he produces to explain and dispel myths and misconceptions about sexual health issues that are prevalent in India.


  • “Best Sexologist” MT India Health Care Award 2013
  • “Best Sexual Health Clinic” MT India Health Care Award 2014
  • “Biggest Sexual Health Clinic with Highest Patient Satisfaction Ratio” MT India Health Care Award 2019
  • Times Healthcare Pioneers-5 Award (Times of India) 2019
  • Awarded NBT Aarogyam 2019 by Nav Bharat Times in recognition for his exemplary contribution towards the field of AYUSH and Health.

The Interview

Dr. Amol Tayade: What is your take on current state of Online Consultation in India?
Dr. Deepak Arora: Even though there has been a massive influx of online consultation facilities in the last couple of years, the patient is still a bit sceptical about the value of paid online consultation and has privacy issues.
Unfortunately most online consultation facilities are concentrating on the quantity and not the quality of the consultation which will be counter productive in the long run.
Having said that, I think that online consultation is ideally suited for the current fast pace of patients lifestyle and if emphasis is given to providing quality and by that I mean having qualified doctors giving the time that is needed to properly diagnose the issue and giving effective treatment options, the possibilities of growth in this area are immense.

Dr. AT: How do you think we as health professionals can provide better health accessibility to our population which is becoming more and more internet friendly?
Dr. DA: Health professionals need to embrace the change in patient behaviour especially when it comes to researching and choosing which doctor to consult with about their problem.
This means that these professionals need to start incorporating online consultation into their day to day practice and be available on online platforms that facilitate online consultations.

Dr. AT: What is the condition of sexual health in India. How can Indians be led to a better sexual health?
Dr. DA: There is a severe lack of awareness among most Indians about sexual health issues. The myths, misconceptions and misinformation surrounding the topic of sexual health have to be countered with the truth.
People have to be made aware that sexual health should be treated with the same seriousness as other health problems, and this can only be done when the stigma and taboos attached to these problems are dispelled.
Effective and safe treatments are available for most sexual health problems.

Dr. AT: What are the common myths and misconceptions around Sexual health in Indian population that you noticed in your years long practice?
Dr. DA: The common myths and misconceptions around sexual health in Indian population include those about masturbation; that it is a bad habit and can cause weakness, baldness, acne etc.
Another misconception regarding erectile dysfunction is that it is just a physical problem which can be overcome just by popping a pill, when in reality in a lot of cases of ED can be due to performance anxiety, stress, bad lifestyle choices or some other deep lying emotional issue which need to be rooted out and addressed so that the patient can truly get long lasting results.

The common myths and misconceptions around sexual health in Indian population include those about masturbation; that it is a bad habit and can cause weakness, baldness, acne etc

Dr. AT: What would you suggest our readers; I mean what kind of questions should they ask Doctors online pertaining to Sexual health to make a Consultation more productive?
Dr. DA: A few questions that they can ask can include the following:

What is causing the symptoms of my sexual health problem?
Is my condition temporary or long lasting?
What types of treatment are available for my particular problem?
What is the efficacy of the different types of treatment and the time needed to get the desired results?

Dr. AT: What are all the precautions that need to be taken care by both Patients and Doctors while taking online health Consultation?
Dr. DA: To start of with, the patient should thoroughly research online before choosing a doctor for an online consultation, they should base their decision on the expertise. experience and the track record of the doctor rather than on just the price of the online consultation.
He should also answer the doctors questions and queries honestly and let the doctor make the diagnosis instead of second guessing him.
If the doctor recommends some tests then the patient should get it done from a reputed lab only and send the results to the doctor as soon as he gets them.
Also be aware that not all medical issues can be diagnosed and resolved through just an online consultation, so if the doctor recommends a physical examination the patient should get it done.
The doctor on the other hand should ensure that he gets all the relevant information before making a diagnosis and for that he needs to give enough time to the patient to explain his issue.
He should also set the patient’s expectations by explaining in detail what the process of online consultations and what it entails.
The doctor should also thoroughly research online consultation platforms before deciding upon which one to chose from.
They should also price their services according to their experience and expertise and not based on what the other doctors are charging.

There is a severe lack of awareness among most Indians about sexual health issues.

Dr. AT: What improvements and additions would you like to see in the government guidelines to facilitate a better online health Consultation?
Dr. DA: The government should take into account the current trend of people in India moving rapidly towards adoption of internet in India, especially in the rural areas. This is changing the way folks research, choose, buy or avail products and services.
They should look into the potential of online consultation because this is a great way of ensuring access to qualified doctors is easily available to even those patients who are situated in the most far flung areas of India.

Dr. AT: Do you think more doctors should come on board with Online Consultation and why?
Dr. DA: Yes, indeed. More doctors should come on board with online consultation. This is a great way to enhance their medical practice and get more patients.