nULTA is now a COVID-19 Essential Healthcare App on PhonePe Switch 

PhonePe COVID-19 Essential App

A growing number of Indians are relying on COVID-19 Essential Apps like nULTA for their Medical needs. During this time of Quarantine, medical Consultation and Counseling is hard to come by. In order to solve this, our team is working tirelessly to provide the most reliable and efficient Online Healthcare solution. Our Online Doctors, Counselors and a dedicated Customer Support team, help Patients receive responses within 5 mins! 

Further, our iCALL counselors, who won the SAFETY4SEA Technology Award, provide counseling in 9 different languages. iCall is designed to reduce seafarer suicides and enhance the general mental health and wellness of all maritime personnel. The service is available 24/7, free of charge via phone, email and chat on the nULTA App.

This 24*7 Healthcare service along with the improved visibility and easy-to-use chat, makes it very easy for Patients to find and talk to Doctors and Counselors. Stay home, stay safe and get your Medical Consultations online.

Download nULTA on PhonePe today.

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