nULTA CEO runs fundraiser on Milaap alongwith Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth (SBV) to help provide food to the hungry and poor in the city. SBV is an NGO which runs the award winning Signal School project for street children in Thane city and also executes the biggest recycling project. nULTA is proud to be associated with SBV in their endeavours.

On the 2nd of April 2020, nULTA CEO, Elvis Fernandes created a Milaap Crowdfunding Campaign  in Thane, to feed the hungry and poor. As a result of this prevailing lock down, many are left hungry and cannot afford a meal. Many fall sleep hungry or with less than half a meal, while we on the other hand, live inside the comfort of our homes. Consequently, Elvis in collaboration with Mr. Bhatu Sawant, CEO, Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth an NGO from Thane decided to run a Crowdfunding Campaign to help.

This fundraiser has helped around 400 families so far in Thane city. The unorganized construction workers, sweepers, watchmen, maids, sex workers, transgenders and their families have been helped with contributions received from local contributors so far.
The majority of them do not even have ration cards to avail of benefits from the government. We aim to help these citizens of our city. We want to also extend help to the migrant workers who are stuck in the city without jobs and nowhere to go.
SBV is working to provide food to rag pickers and the poor of the city. You can assist too, firstly and foremost, by taking responsibility and consequently by taking care of another family with just Rs. 500/- Your generous contribution on The Milaap Crowdfunding Campaign will give approximately
  • 5 kgs Rice
  • 2 kgs Dal
  • 2 kgs Atta
  • 1 ltr Oil
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • 1 kg Salt

Please extend your help towards your fellow citizens.

India Fights Corona

Areas serviced in Thane:

  • Kopri Shantinagar
  • Leprosy Colony Kopri
  • Ambika Nagar
  • Manorama Nagar
  • Dongripada
  • Aath Koneshwar Nagar
  • Sawarkar nagar
  • Indira naagar
  • Pereira nagar
  • Shastri nagar

प्रिय नागरिकांना समर्थ भारत व्यासपीठचे आवाहन !
कचरा वेचक व हातावर पोट असलेल्यांना मदतीचा हात
लॉक डाऊन चालू आहे,सारे कुटुंब एकत्रितपणे जेवणाचा आस्वाद घेत आहे. मुलांच्या रोज नवीन नवीन फर्माईशी पूर्ण करण्यात दिवस कसा निघून जातोय कळत नाही.
सर्व खरे पण कोठे तरी कोणी तरी काम नाही म्हणून अर्धपोटी किंवा उपाशी असेल हा मनातला विचार जाता जात नाहीये.
या तुमच्या विचारांत तुमच्या बरोबर समर्थ भारत व्यासपीठ आहे.
आपण घेतोय अडचणीतील व उत्पनाचे साधन नसलेल्या कुटुंबांची जबाबदारी
एका कुटुंबाने कमीतकमी एका कुटुंबाला दत्तक घ्यावे यात, खर्च रु.५००/- (५ तांदूळ,२ डाळ,२ आटा, १ तेल,१ साखर,१ मीठ अंदाजे)
जे मदत करू इच्छितात त्यांनी त्वरित सहकार्य करा

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