nULTA CEO runs fundraiser on Milaap during Corona outbreak

nULTA CEO runs fundraiser on Milaap alongwith Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth (SBV) to help provide food to the hungry and poor in the city. SBV is an NGO which runs the award winning Signal School project for street children in Thane city and also executes the biggest recycling project. nULTA is proud to be associated with [...]

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PhonePe selects nUlta as COVID-19 Essential App

nULTA is now a COVID-19 Essential Healthcare App on PhonePe Switch  A growing number of Indians are relying on COVID-19 Essential Apps like nULTA for their Medical needs. During this time of Quarantine, medical Consultation and Counseling is hard to come by. In order to solve this, our team is working tirelessly to provide the [...]

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COVID-19 Safety Preparedness

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness nULTA has taken a variety of health and COVID-19 safety preparedness to prevent the spread of the virus, one of which is Working from Home. Working From Home nULTA Healthcare, is spread across multiple continents and cities. Our remote working structure, therefore encouraged the team to gravitate towards Working from Home, from [...]

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Health Camp at Signal School

nULTA organizes a Health Camp at Signal School (Signal Shala) on 8th February 2020, for it's students and their parents. We now work with the Indiabulls Foundation to provide healthcare to the students of this school. It's an honour to be associated with Signal School as it's healthcare partner. Signal Shala is an undertaking [...]

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World Cancer Day 2020: The battle continues

Every year 9.6 million people die from cancer. 3.7 million people can still be saved each year if we act. This World Cancer Day, 2020, on February 4th, let us pledge to fight and raise awareness about Cancer!  Origin of the word Cancer The Greek physician Hippocrates first came up with the use [...]

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CEO’s Desk: Healthy New Year 2020 (What’s New at nULTA)

We wish you a Healthy New Year 2020 from nULTA. Starting with this New Year 2020, we welcome the New Year with the CEO Desk category of articles. It will keep you informed of what's happening with the nULTA App and the nULTA Platform in general. Please subscribe to get updates about our apps [...]

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Aapka Doctor: An Interview with Dr. Kersi Chavda discussing mental health

Welcome readers! Aapka Doctor (आपका डॉक्टर) presents an interview with Dr. Kersi Chavda. Past president of the Bombay Psychiatry Society, he is a Consultant at the PD Hinduja National, Hinduja Healthcare and the Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospitals. Today with Dr. Amol Tayade, Dr. Kersi Chavda answers some important questions about mental health. [...]

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Aapka Doctor: An Interview with Dr. Deepak Arora (Sexologist)

Welcome readers! We're proud to begin a new series called Aapka Doctor (आपका डॉक्टर) where experts from the industry will be invited to speak about various subjects. To begin with, our own Dr. Amol Tayade is interviewing the noted Sexologist Dr. Deepak Arora. Please write to us if you have any suggestions on [...]

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World Alzheimer’s day 2019

Dementia isn't a joke - and people affected by it deserve to be treated with understanding and respect. Ruchi recalls this story when she came back to her hometown after almost 4 years of staying abroad because of family disputes. She was sitting impatiently throughout the drive back home from the airport and kept [...]

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