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1906, 2019

Get Wet! Yet Protect! – Weapons for Monsoon

Finally, the water being carried from the ocean by the agency of clouds fell on the land.  And who wouldn't be ecstatic at the first sniff of Petrichor as monsoon announced itself in the year 2019. But as Voltaire said, With great power comes great responsibility - Voltaire the Health Department would say "With great Monsoon (weather forecast validated) come great diseases". You must know how Sparta protected ancient Greece from the Persian invasion, although for 7 days, including a famous battle led by King Leonidas (300 - film); similarly, we need to protect ourselves from this invasion by diseases, [...]

2403, 2019

Car T-Cells: New Hope for Cancer Therapy

As far back as the 1980s, when AIDS was rampant and regularly taking the lives of young people, we understood the importance of T-cells and the immune system. Now, as we deal with what has emerged another near- epidemic of cancer in the developed world, it is logical to assume that T-cells can be useful in cancer treatment as a way of mobilizing the body to fight its own cancers the way it fights colds and viruses. But although we’re close, we don’t yet have all the answers as to how and when the immune system can be mobilized to [...]

403, 2019

Food As Medicine

Since 1992, Europe has been studying the effect of diet on long term health through a collaborative study called  EPIC (the European Prospective Investigation), which is the largest detailed study of the relationship between nutrition and cancer ever undertaken. It involves over 500,000 people in 10 European countries, coordinated by the World Health Organization and supported by the European Union and national funding agencies. What’s really exceptional about it is that those ten countries have very different diets and lifestyles, which makes this study a good one to demonstrate a relationship between diet and cancer, although high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular [...]

3010, 2018

Why do we sneeze?

We all sneeze with the sound Achoo!! In the medical world, ACHOO is an acronym for a sternutation disorder called (autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts) syndrome. Everyone sneezes, even the average healthy person does, sometimes at least four times a day. But do we all know why, exactly, do we sneeze? Sneezing is also called Sternutation. It is a mechanism which your body uses to clear the nose. When any mucus from a cold or the flu, dirt, smoke, allergens like pollen, pollution, perfume, dust particles etc. enter the nostrils, the nose becomes irritated or tickled. They interact with the [...]

1310, 2018

Risks of Obesity

In most people, obesity is caused by eating excess food and moving out too less. If the consumption of energy is high from the regular diet, and if the energy is not burnt through exercise and physical activity, then the surplus energy will turn into fat. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey states that the intake of calories in the US population is increasing every year. The numbers have risen drastically in the past decade. Globally, more than one billion adults are overweight and about 300 million of them are obese. There are many health problems caused by obesity [...]

2109, 2018

Alzheimer’s Disease: What you need to know

Millions of people suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Every three seconds someone in the world develops Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer Disease International (ADI). It is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that impairs memory and other mental functions. It slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. For many people, the first sign of Alzheimer's is a change in memory. But others have changes in mood, language or thinking skills. It affects a person's mood, they often become depressed, anxious or irritable. For e.g. some people with Alzheimer's may have trouble remembering [...]

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